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Patient Testimonials

I had chronic neck and shoulder pain for about 6 months. I tried acupuncture as an alternative to pain medication. After one acupuncture treatment with Dr. Ken, there was great improvement and no pain medication was needed. I’ve had several follow-up treatments, and I have been virtually pain free for about 8 months. This was my first experience with acupuncture. Now I AM a believer!!
MB – age 56

I recently had surgery on both of my knees. Even though I had the surgery, I was still having problems. I started limping, which caused my back to begin hurting. Dr. Ken was able to relieve my back problem and ease the pain in my knees.
PV – age 54

I was a cheerleader in high school. I just found out that I have bursitis in both of my shoulders. My mother did not want me to get a cortisone shot. Dr. Ken was able to take care of my pain. I also had a fear of needles, and with Dr. Ken’s help with Thought Field Therapy, I overcame that fear also.
EV – age 26

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back that affected my right thigh with severe pain. When I started coming to Dr. Ken, I could barely walk without pain. I was using a walker. After 4 treatments, I no longer had to use the walker.
JA – age 79

I was in a car accident nine years ago, which dislocated my collar bone. I was in a lot of pain with very little range of motion. Chiropractors, M.D.s, and therapists tried to help with no success. My first several visits to Dr. Ken gave me so much relief that within a couple of weeks, it was as though I had not been in an accident. I have very little pain with a great range of motion. Now I have treatments about every 2 months. Thanks, Dr. Ken

I have had such an emotional roller coaster over the last few years. Since going to Dr. Ken and having weekly treatments for a few months, my hormones seem to be leveling out. I had other M.D.s telling me that I was in the early stages of menopause. I am only 37, but since going to Dr. Ken, I didn’t have all of the symptoms that I had to begin with. I am a lot more calm and easier to get along with. Thanks, Dr. Ken
JC – age 37

After a few acupuncture treatments, the lower back pain I had been carrying for over 10 years from an auto accident was gone. I was able to sleep soundly through the night, and getting out of bed in the morning was so much easier. Even walking for hours at a time was a breeze. The pain has been gone for several months, and this has allowed me to become more active again. Thanks, Dr. Ken
CM – age 38

After many years, one becomes resigned to hurting – and living – with fibromyalgia. After one session on the microcurrent machine, I learned that I CAN be without pain.

Fellow sufferers, I am 58 years old and suffer from cancer and all the awful side effects that go with having this disease for 5 years. Chemo has destroyed my digestive tract, destroyed sensation in my hands and feet and caused me to develop a blinking eye disorder. This plus constant fatigue and mouth sores and much more. I have been seeing Dr. Kuchar-Haas for only 3 weeks now and can easily say that while not curing these disorders that I have received much relief in all of them. This plus extra energy and a general feeling of well being I have not felt in some time. Whatever ails you, I would encourage you to visit this doctor. You won’t be sorry.
CP – age 58

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